The Old Spice ad is viral, as is it’s making of

Nowadays when companies plan to do an ad on TV, they have to be thinking about it’s afterlife on the web and on the viral circuit. If they do so, they will be extend the ad’s life and get more for the money they spent – and more importantly go to where their target audience might be.

This is what has been happening for a lot superbowl ads, and the Old Spice one is another great example.

It’s going viral because of the acting, the brilliance of the filmmaking, being funny and for leaving the viewers wondering what happened the first time they see it. If you don’t believe it and never seen it before, check it out the 30 second spot:



And a sort of making-of of the piece was put on Youtube and it’s got more than 100.000 views in a 10 day period.

It’s an interview with the creators of the ad where they explain how it was done, 19 minutes long but worth seeing for the more curious out there.

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